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Chef Adam Edwards

-Brittney Fryrear

Chef Adam did an amazing job with a cooking party for a group of teenagers at our house. The girls planned a complicated menu of fried goat cheese balls, steak Oscar and creme brûlée. I thought it might be challenging for Chef Adam to plan and execute all of their plans with 7 girls, but everything was seamless. He picked up all of the necessary ingredients before the party, clearly advised on what supplies we needed to have available (only a few items), and set everything up upon arrival. He was able to keep all of the girls involved in making the different aspects of the meal and taught them a lot about preparation and cooking techniques along the way. They were very engaged the entire time and loved everything that they made. They were so excited to try the recipes for their meal at home. They also loved the chef hats and the aprons we ordered through Chef Adam. I would highly recommend Chef Adam for cooking lessons and cooking parties for those of all ages!  

-Vinny Caldara

(Pilot for Vice Presidential Candidate, Governor Mike Pence)

My daughter had an incredible cooking lesson with Chef Adam Edwards!  She's been begging for cooking lessons for a while now so I did my research and couldn't believe this was offered in Evansville!  Chef Adam did a top notch job and even taught her how to make an apple crumble pie, vinaigrette dressing, and the most delicious potato soup.  He was so incredibly prepared and professional! I can't say enough good things about this experience!

-Jenny Vincent

(Homeschool Mother)

Chef Adam provided my children with a wonderful learning experience. This was such a great way to get my kids comfortable in the kitchen. He showed them how easy and fun cooking can be. He also gave mom a few helpful hints to use as well. We can't wait for the next time! Thanks Chef Adam for a great meal and for mom having the night off from cooking. Until the next lesson, The Fryrear's

Chef Adam, I am proud to serve as one of Governor Pence's pilots. The Pence Family, his staff, and my crew enjoyed your catered service. We travel quite a bit and most of us won't be home until after the election. 

It's nice to have a "Home Cooked Meal" when you're away on the road. 

Best of luck to you and your business!


​​-Elizabeth Joshi